Can Dental Implants Replace Molar Teeth?

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Considering dental implants to replace a molar tooth? The molars are the large, flat teeth located in the back part of your mouth and used to grind your food when chewing. Not counting your wisdom teeth, you have eight molars in your mouth, all of which play an important part in your ability to properly chew your food. The molars also absorb a large amount of force from the jaw muscles when chewing, which means a missing molar can make the other teeth and/or the jaw hurt.

About tooth replacement

Thinking that a dental implant is not necessary when you are just missing one of your teeth? Think again. Every single one of your teeth plays an important role, and when just one is missing, it can lead to a number of oral problems. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, missing teeth can make it more difficult to chew your food properly and may even affect the way you eat. The empty spaces due to missing teeth can also start to make the rest of the teeth crooked, which does not support a healthy mouth.

Can dental implants replace molar teeth?

Yes, patients can choose to have one or more implants placed in their mouths when they are missing their molar teeth. This is good news for those who are missing any molars, as these teeth play an important role in one’s overall good health. When a patient is only missing one of their molars, a single tooth implant can be used to replace it. When a patient is missing multiple molars, they may benefit from choosing an implant bridge. These options will be discussed between the patient and the dental professional.

Bone grafts

For patients who do not have enough jawbone in order to support an implant, their next step is asking their dental professional if they can be approved to undergo a bone graft. Bone grafting is an option for patients who do not have a sufficient amount of jawbone, as this dental procedure adds more bone to the jawbone. This additional amount of bone should be enough to support a dental implant, so patients can get the approval they need to have one or more implants placed in their mouths.

Can anyone get dental implants?

When someone chooses dental implants as their tooth replacement option, they must first be approved as a candidate to undergo the surgical process. Factors that make a good candidate include being free of any periodontal diseases, having a sufficient amount of jawbone, not living with an immune system disorder, not smoking and being in overall good general health.

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